My Friends & Family

Here are some pics of my closest friends and some of my family members. I should be adding some more soon, (if I make more friends :p) but this is just a start to show you those crazy people you'd see me hanging out with all the time!

This picture at our family get-together for Thanksgiving in 2002. It was a ton of fun! This is me and a few of my cousins... From L to R: Rey and Andrew (top), Chris and me (bottom).

This is my best friend, Jessica. She and I have known each other since middle school! But, I don't think she'd want a pic up on here from all the way back then, although that would be fun...

This is my close friend Mariel, she's just awesome! You want to talk to someone with a sense of humor, she's the person to talk to! Just all you cheerleaders out there, watch out for her! :p

This is Joanna, another close friend from all the way back in middle school! She is such a sweetie, and she knows how to have fun! She's always such an example of Christ to me.

Here's David... he and I go waaay back! Yet somehow he still manages to be one of my close friends, which is surprising for all we've been thru... he's a fun guy to make fun of. :p

This is Chris, AKA Schizatch, a friend of mine from school. He has quite a sense of humor and a positive attitude. He's a good guy to know. :) Check out his site too!
This is another Chris, another one of my new friends at school. He's pretty cool, though he's kind of quiet, so I don't know him as well as I could. Visit his web site, too!

And here's another Chris, my cousin Chris! He's a bit scary, as you can probably tell... but he's cool. Visit his site, too!

These are my two German friends, Maraike and Oliver. They were foreign exchange students who went to my church last year... I miss them!

Here are my friends and I at the Sadie Hawkins Dance in high school back in 2001. From L to R: Drew, Jessica, me and Cody. We had fun! :)

This is a pic of me and some of my friends at the Homecoming Dance in high school in 2001. From L to R: Angela, Carrie, Ciarra (top), Heather, and me. We were just havin' fun being girls without dates! :p

Well, hopefully I will be adding to this soon! Come back and check to see if I make more friends! :p



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